What is Pilates?

Named after its creator, Pilates is the brainchild of the innovative and somewhat eccentric Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), whose methodology is a mind-body exercise regime that is now a well-known product despite its grassroots background. When Joseph developed his exercise system of strengthening and stretching the body known as ‘Contrology’, he did not have the benefit of current technologies such as real time ultrasound to know from a scientific perspective that he was activating the deep stabilising muscles he was intending to. He only knew that by doing exercises that use the mind to master the movements in the body, greater control, strength, flexibility and balance were achieved. Furthermore, activities in everyday life became easier, and he felt healthier and more invigorated.

Joseph’s fundamental belief was that modern life causes us to get out of sync with the ‘natural rhythm and co-ordination’ experienced by animals. This could not be more true now in the 21st century as it was in his time, the peak of the second industrial revolution. In order to return to our natural physical flow of movement his ideology included:

  • Co-ordinate your body and mind to acquire control over your body
  • Repeat exercises that enforce correct recruitment of muscles until movement becomes subconscious

As a you seek out a suitable Pilates studio to meet your needs, the director of Spring Pilates, Larissa Kelloway, encourages you to stay true to the foundations established by Joseph by following these key steps:

  • Ensure you seek tuition from a fully certified instructor.
  • Practice the method faithfully, paying attention to the subtleties and nuances of each and every element of the movement to gain the best outcome possible.
  • If Pilates stretches your budget, before you seek a more affordable option, take no less than 3 private sessions with an instructor to find the Pilates method in your body, so you may keen the best results from any other options you continue with.

Enjoy your Pilates experience!

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